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Avitas Bio is run by Dr. Mark Litvak, the founder of his own clinic. For several years in a row is among the ten best clinics in Israel. Being the President of the Association of Israeli Physicians for Treatment by the Method of Su Jok Acupuncture (USA), he successfully applies effective techniques in his own practice. Like the methods of the famous Russian doctor Zalmanov (1875-1963), based on the assertion of the decisive role in the overall health of the vascular organism. The unique hyperthermic bath system developed by Zalmanov with the addition of special compounds has been successfully used in the modern Clinic of Dr. Mark Litvak.

And the professional path of the famous doctor today began in 1984, after graduating from Novosibirsk and St. Petersburg universities. Then the young general practitioner and gastroenterologist plunged into the world of practical medicine. But more and more I came across cases when modern conventional medicine was not effective enough. Working at the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Dr. Litvak became interested in alternative treatment methods. And after meeting with the Mongolian monks who lectured at this institute, he went to Mongolia. Dr. Litvak hoped to learn about the treatment methods used in the monasteries. But the monks refused to share knowledge. “When your eyes become slanted like mine, then I will teach you our methods of treatment,” said the head of the monastery. And then the young doctor turned to the head of the local Communist Party for help. That was enough. Mongolian monks feared the communists and revealed their secrets. The first meeting with the eastern methods of treatment prompted the acquisition of new knowledge. Dr. Litvak enthusiastically mastered the Su - Jok system, developed by Korean professor Park Ji Woo. And soon became his favorite student. Comprehending the intricacies of an ancient teaching, which is more than 3,000 years old, Dr. Litvak became increasingly convinced of the effectiveness and absolute safety of the techniques created by nature itself. These are acupuncture (acupuncture), massage, magnetotherapy, thermotherapy, the use of plants, etc.

Dr. Litvak continued his medical activities and research in Israel - at the Wolfson Hospital, at the Macabi Health Insurance Fund. Later he became the head doctor of the most popular in Israel private klinila docotra litavaka sanatorium Mitspe Ha-Yamim. Based on the knowledge and experience gained, Dr. Litvak created unique rejuvenation programs in the sanatorium, quick recovery of health after physical and psychological injuries, to restore the immunity of patients undergoing and completing chemotherapy. All guests of the sanatorium have the opportunity to undergo training with Dr. Mark Litvak in first aid to eliminate various pains from injuries, burns and other diseases.

Dr. Litvak specializes in the following areas:

type 1 diabetes mellitus and treatment of its complications
blockage of blood vessels
high blood pressure
digestion problems
general well-being
depression and fears
back pain
pain syndromes after car accidents and injuries
prolapse and hernia of the spinal disc
joint disease, cartilage problems
joint inflammation / rheumatism
oncology, prevention after treatment in a state of remission.