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AVIR™ is Avitas Bio's flagship nutraceutical product,  with a wide spectrum of uses. For $1/day you can have a powerful 30 day supply of our antiviral solution.

AVIR™ through bio-active particles of copper may reduce the risk of viral and bacterial infections.  Copper is known to help maintain a healthy circulatory system and is known to act as an antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory.  AVIR™ may be useful for treating or preventing a wide variety of viral or bacterial diseases.  It contains copper particles in the casing of lipids (fats), and other substances that help with absorption and cellular penetration.  These particles are insoluble, and their size is tiny -- 30-40 nanometers (for comparison, diameter of Coronavirus particles are approximately 125 nanometers). 

According to some demonstrative abstracts, the composition of the present remedy may be useful to treat or prevent a wide variety of diseases, including for example, bacterial or viral infections.

Ingredients: Nano Copper, Fatty Acids, Sesame Seed Oil